Monday, June 27, 2011


We all need it, especially those new to exercising. For some it's much harder. Bob Harper once said that motivation will get you going, but routine will keep you going. Motivation won't always be there, and eventually you will have to motivate yourself. For me it goes so ething like this "ugh do I really have to do this again? Okay just put on your sneakers ::ties shoes:: maybe I'll just do a half workout today. I'm already at my goal weigt. No, don't be lazy. ::puts in DVD:: okay I can do this, just get through it and get on with the day!!". Even after losing almost a hundred pounds, I still have an internal battle everyday. Just get your sneakers on, life gets easier once you get that step done!

What motivates me may seem silly to others. When I was losing weight, it was a battle against the numbers that I was determined to win. I would also motivate myself with cute workout clothes. Shallow, but it works. If I look cute, I'll workout more. Seriously, get cute workout clothes that make you feel good! Music is another one. I love working out to Katy Perry, she's got some great tunes that are upbeat. I also remind myself that if I want to stay in my clothes, I need to workout. I have to stay on top of it, for the sake of my health. Find out why you really want to lose weight. Is it for your health? To look better? For family? A wedding? That will motivate you more than anything!

Some tips to help keep you going:
-wear clothes that make you feel great when you workout!
-workout at the same time everyday. Simple but effective. You will get used to it, and you will be more likely to workout when you are on a schedule.
-upbeat music can help keep you going!
-imagine the healthier, fitter you!
-don't have an internal battle with yourself, just get into a routine and stick with it!

Good luck everyone! Post what motivates you!

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