Thursday, July 9, 2015

21 Day Fix

I posted on my Facebook page a few weeks back that I was going to try The 21 Day Fix. We've been traveling a lot recently, and my body just wasn't handling it well.

My husband and I went on a little retreat, by ourselves, and had a ton of fun! We went hiking together in the Ozarks. We had a blast! I was so worn out!

The bad thing about going to a resort, though, is that they had nothing that I could prepare in our suite. Not even a microwave. We were forced to either dine there, or go out in the town and eat. We found a Bob Evans not too far from the resort, and ate brunch there for most of our stay. They have a new lighter menu that was able to accommodate to whatever I wanted! I had egg whites, turkey sausage, and fruit every day.

We did more traveling after that, and in the following weeks. We've been to Kansas City and St. Louis recently. We're trying to be more active this summer with our kids, plus see the local sites while my husband is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. I've had a rough work schedule in between, and the high stress causes my weight to go on a roller coaster!

Now that we're back and things have settled down a little bit, I decided to give The 21 Day Fix a try. I'm trying it mostly because it's highly nutrition based. I researched it, and it's very much like Bob Harper's Jumpstart program, but you get to have more carbs, and it's more flexible. Instead of set approved meals, it's a list of approved FOODS. It's almost like the point system of Weight Watchers, but with Bob Harper's modified food list.

I'm on day 4 right now. I'm adding in running/jogging with the 21 Day Fix workouts because they are just not long enough for me, and I need the extra calorie burn. I'm so used to high-intensity workouts for a long duration. It seems to be a good combination. I'll have my before and after pics ready to go! I can't wait to see my results. I think this is a program that could easily translate into long-term nutrition for weight management, too.

If you want to follow along my journey and see pics of what I'm eating, go here ---->  CLICK ME

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