Friday, October 18, 2013

Coming Clean; A Clean Eating Mommy Confession

When I started this blog back in the beginning of 2011, my main goal was to show that losing 100lbs and maintaining that loss could be done by the everyday mom and wife. That is still my main goal with my little corner of the internet. It also became a place to document new things I've tried, and things I think are of interest in the fitness world.

Since the beginning of last year, I have been eating about 80-100% clean. Minimal to no gluten, sugar, or processed foods. It's what's advertised as the best for us, right? It's what we're told we are supposed to eat and make for our kids. We see on Facebook and Pinterest these happy school age kids, smiling at the dinner table eating bell pepper strips and organic hummus. Let me confess something; those are not my kids. Something else? I hate hummus.

 These are my kids. Eating waffles for a snack, and making Halloween cake just because we like Halloween...and cake. No shame.

Over the past 6 months, I buckled down with my clean eating. I was 100% into it, eating everything clean. What I found was that I started binge eating. I said it. BINGE EATING. My body rebelled, and I craved sugar like no tomorrow. I was off balance, and I strived to find a happy medium. I was so tired of fighting with my body. Completely exhausted.

I found that the best thing for my body and my family...contrary to pop-fitness culture, is portion control. *Gasp* You know what? It works. Do my kids eat everything green? No way. My son's lunch box is more like a homemade lunch-able and I an totally okay with that. Some of you might shake your heads at me, but it's okay. I don't thrive on other people's opinions about my life. I don't strive to get the most "likes" on Facebook for my life choices. I do what is best for my family and myself.

So, what do I eat now, you ask? Pretty much what I was eating back when I was living in the US. I eat a healthy breakfast under 300 calories. I eat a 200 calorie lunch, then a 100 calorie snack. I eat what my family eats for dinner, just portioned out differently. Last night I had pasta, and it was uh-maz-ing! I had a small portion of that and a big portion of salad. I reversed my main course with my vegetable course. I eat 500 calories for dinner. My body is much more balanced now, and I stopped binge eating. I don't pressure myself anymore.

Not to mention, clean eating can get difficult, stressful, and very expensive depending on where you live. Over here in Okinawa, I can't always find the things I need for my clean meals. I'd search the markets, freezer areas, and even shopped online. It was getting ridiculous. I had to cut the stress. I had to give my self, and my body, a break.

I don't pressure my kids to eat clean meals, I make them a regular family dinner. They don't pig out on it, they just eat until they are full. Sometimes I make a dessert, and that's a real treat. We love to make cookies, muffins, and cake. My boys live for it. What's more? We even hit the drive-thru sometimes. Like I said, I'm totally okay with that. People don't expect that out of me, but I do it. We, as mothers, have to stop pressuring ourselves and other mothers. We are ALL in the same boat. We are ALL trying to do the best we can. YOU are a good mother, even when you bring home McDonalds for dinner! I am so sick of seeing mothers putting other mothers down for this. Going through the drive-thru or packing a lunch able in your child's backpack doesn't make you any different than the mother who packed veggie chips and hummus for their child.

I bust my ass 5 days a week running and doing Crossfit with my husband, and we love it. It's bonding time for us. We love working out together and we encourage each other. It's made our marriage better, and given us something to do together while building our relationship. It doesn't make us better, it's just what we choose to do because we like it. I still adore Bob, and I continue with his Crossfit schedule because it works for me.

I do not have a perfect, Pinterest looking family. I don't live for Facebook pats-on-the-back. I never stepped one foot in a gym since the beginning, and I don't post half-naked pictures of my new body on the internet. I don't feel the need to do that. I just do what works. This works for my family, works for my life. It can works for yours, too!



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  2. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed to read this today. Thanks for being honest & keepin' it real!

  3. Good job. You're in inspiration to so many.

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  7. That is awesome! Keep doing what works for you, not the latest fad. And, you can be totally hot without the half-naked pics...thank you! There is nothing private anymore or left for the imagination of their soon-to-be husbands!

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