Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meat & Potatas

I spent quite a bit of time at my grandparents house as a child. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood involve my grandmother. She taught me so many things, from how to properly make a "pallet", to taking care of your family. She was mainly a homemaker, and I wanted to be just like her. She took care of her husband and kids, and I watched her as a child taking care of my grandfather. She taught me that the way to a man's heart was through his arteries. My grandparents have a unique, but heartwarming relationship. They will scream like cats and dogs at each other, but the white flag will be raised when my grandmother peels a potato and salts it for my grandfather to eat. Yes, to answer your question, he eats it raw.
I grew up in a Meat & Poatas' family. At every meal, my grandmother would have some kind of luscious meat, some form of potato (my favorite being her fried potatoes), a veggie made Paula Deen style, and bread with butter. That was supper at my grandma's house. Still is, if I'm not mistaken. Watching her, I learned that cooking was how you took care of your family.

As you can see, I follow in her footsteps. That picture was taken at dinner time tonight. Yes, that's REAL chocolate cake right there. I believe there are over 4 sticks of butter in that cake, icing included. Now I know what you're thinking, "there's no way that you can eat like that!".

I get asked often about what I eat, and I'll give you a straight answer. I may fix food like this for my family, but I do not eat it. Didya hear that?! I don't eat food like that. My boys ate that for dinner tonight, and I made myself a tropical salad. I love to eat junk, but my poor system just cannot handle that much. I'd not only feel sluggish and tired all night, but I'd have buyers remorse about 5 minutes after I ate that meal. When I see food like that, my first thought is "how many miles will I have to run to burn it off?!" Don't think I don't ever eat high calorie foods though, because I do! You'd be kidding yourself to think I didn't steal a few bites of that cake as well. I do still taste them, you know, just in case it's poisonous.

I love cooking, and to me, it will always be a way of taking care of my boys. It doesn't mean that I can't have something else for dinner, though. I am always prepared to make myself a second meal. I usually have defrosted chicken breasts in my fridge, chopped veggies, and lots of things to put in a salad in case I need to have an alternate dinner. Ladies, our mother's are not at the table demanding we eat what's in front of us anymore! With a little planning and preparation, we can make dinners like these and not blow the entire week.

But have a bite of that cake. Seriously. One bite. It's from The Pioneer Woman, and it's amazing.

With love,

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