Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Routine

Yay for Kindergarten! 

 He got in line with his friends and after the entire class blew all their mommy's one last kiss, they said farewell and marched into the land of Kindergarten, leaving behind a bunch of teary-eyed parents. Danny graciously pulled me out of there quickly, and we left to go run our errands for the day.

 I sort of felt like I was missing something important the entire day, like my right arm, without him there.


At one point, Danny even opened up the back right side car door where Josh normally sits when we arrived at the grocery store, only to remember halfway through that Josh wasn't there.

With Josh in school, that means I have a very early alarm to set every night. Get this. I have to wake up now at 4:45. That's right, kids. At 4:45 my alarm now goes off, and I have to get out of bed, throw on my workout gear, and get my butt moving to Insanity/Crossfit/running to make sure I have time to get a shower and get my boys ready to take Josh to school. Very early morning around here, but it is necessary if I want to get my workout in. Just when I get used to a new routine, I have to change it up again!

If I can do it...you can do it ;)

Until tomorrow, folks.

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