Sunday, May 26, 2013

JumpStart To Skinny: RESULTS!

This morning, I am ecstatic. I set out a goal for this program, and not only did I surpass it, but I hit a number I never thought I would see! I met my yearly body fat goal that I set in January, and I now have over two times more muscle on my body than fat.

I am so happy to say that I am through this program! Not because I couldn't hack it, but because I accepted and completed this challenge. I love anything that challenges me, whether it be my mind, my muscles, or my willpower. This program challenged all three of those areas, but my willpower was definitely challenged the most.

See all that food?! That's just a few days worth!

Three weeks ago, I was in a different place mentally. I found myself slipping back into old habits, fighting myself the entire time. I was nibbling on foods I knew were not good for me. Although I hadn't packed on the pounds, I knew it would be a matter of time before I did.

This program forced me into clean eating, 100%. Normally, I eat about 60-75% clean, so this was hard for me. No carbs after lunch, and all that baby spinach! Don't get me wrong, I love spinach, but this was a lot of spinach for me.
I was also faced with the fact that I still emotionally eat. A lot. I didn't realize how much until I wasn't allowed to snack anymore. I had to make a conscious decision to walk out of the kitchen when I was just wandering in there to nibble. Even with all I've learned about clean eating, working out, and facing my emotions head on, rather than eating them, I still want to turn to food when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I really started to break that habit with this program, and that is very freeing for me. I learned a lot about myself and my eating habits.
Although this program has it's own workout program to go along with it, it wasn't advanced enough for me, so I continued on with Bob's workout plan on his website, which is Bathing Suit Bootcamp right now, along with running. My workout habits didn't change, only my eating. I still worked out with high-intensity workouts 5 days a week (2 on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off), just as you are supposed to do with this program. I got in extra workouts when I could too, often running with my kids in tow to and from the elementary school my son attends.
My Final Numbers
-Pounds Lost: 7.5
-Inches Lost-waist: .5
-Inches Lost-hips: 2.5
-Body Fat: 2%
-Muscle Gain: .8%
 Three weeks isn't a lot of time, but I made incredible numbers in just 21 days. I am honestly shocked at how well my body responded to this program, and I will do this probably 1-2 times a year just to reset my system and keep myself on track. I'm drinking so much more water now, too, which is great!
Today, I won't totally wreck my system either by going out and having a big "splurge day", I don't feel right about it. I might have a healthy dessert, some creamer in my coffee, and nothing with spinach in it, though ;)
If you have the dedication, the drive, and the planning skills to give this program a try, I highly recommend picking up this book and trying it out! What do you have to lose (besides pounds?!)?


  1. I'm so glad you brought this program to my attention, it's exactly what I need right now to get my butt in gear after all of the stress that's been pulling me down (and my weight, up).

    Congrats on surpassing your goals!

  2. Excellent!! Your hard work has paid off :)

  3. What is the book you're referring to? I to eat maybe 60-70% clean. Need a swift kick in the butt to help me with the rest!

  4. Congratulations on your progress! And even though it was only 21 days, which isn't very long, it was a challenge and you successfully completed it! Less body fat and more muscle is always a good thing!

    I've never heard of "Jumpstart to Skinny" but I would like to research it and give it a try- my eating has been horrible the past month and I want to try getting into clean eating, not only for weight loss but for my health as well (nothing good can come out of emotional eating and stuffing my face with cookies and cakes!)

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  9. Hello! I found your blog on Pinterest. Congrats on coming so far! I just started weight watchers about 3 weeks ago and it is going well. I used to be about 120 before gaining about 45 lbs after having my boys. Now im on a mission to get back to where I was!

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