Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Black Fire

Hi everyone!! ::waves::

So it's been a while since I've posted. Since my last post, I have moved back to the Unites States (YAY!!!), and we are settled into our new home. Life has been crazy! It's already Christmas time, and my kids are so excited. They haven't seen snow in so long, and it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. You can practically feel the excitement in our home.

All that moving and excitement can throw a real kink into a girl's workout schedule! Luckily Bob Harper came out with a new system this past week, Black Fire. It's on Daily Burn, which is almost like Hulu for fitness programs. It's amazing!

Black Fire is meant for advanced fitness levels. It's pretty intense, and I'm only in week 1. This is definitely one of the more challenging workout systems. There is a food/nutrition plan to go along with it, which is great! I tend to stick with my Weight Watchers program, because it's easy and it works for me.

<=== Is my new workout tank amazing, or what?! I bought it just for Bob. By the way, he's figured out a new way to torture us through Burpees. He has a new burpee, called "The Burpee Step-Over", which involves a plyo box. Yep.

What I love so far about Black Fire and Daily Burn, is that there is an app for it, which I can stream right into my Apple TV! Easy peasy at 5:30am! It also has a handy scoring system, so I can actively track my progress, and load it into the app itself. I never lose track this way. There are new moves, which keeps it interesting. In true Bob style, the workouts are not that long, but highly effective.

What's on my Christmas list?
-New Nike's
-Plyo Box from Daily Fit for Bob's program
-New workout tanks (I can't get enough)
-Mantra Band bracelets, I have 2 and I love them!

What are you asking Santa for?

All the best,

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