Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mandy's Motivation One Year Later

Recently I was asked what motivates me. I'm lacking motivation lately, although I'm still working out. I've been in a mood since I splurged on my birthday dinner this past week. If you know me, you know that I very rarely splurge. Don't get me wrong, I'll have a treat every now and then, but I don't go all out like I did on my birthday! It was nice, but I felt guilty about 2 hours later! haha! I can't help it. Plus, my body just isn't used to eating like that anymore, and I was sick the rest of the night from the grease and terrible foods I just consumed.

So, back to my topic. There are so many things that motivate me.

1. Smaller clothes
2. Being able to run around outside with my kiddos
3. Getting "that look" from my hubby
4. Sharing new experiences I couldn't have had unless I was physically fit
5. Signing up for my first 5K! SQUEE!
6. Being a little more outgoing
7. Feeling like the person I was meant to be. My inside matches my outside now.
8. Having a better marriage from losing my insecurity
9. Making new friends (who didn't know the "old me")
10. Looking back at my fat pictures and remembering how far I've come
11. Better sex! Yes...I said it.
12. Trying out new things in the kitchen
13. Finding new hobbies (eating is no longer a hobby!)

14. Going to the beach and not covering up!
15. Being FIT and not just skinny
16. Helping other people on their weight loss journey
17. Being CURVY and not "fat-curvy"
18. Seeing my hip bones
19. Buying clothes without trying them on

20. Guessing my size/weight
21. No longer being ashamed of myself
22. Being the mommy of 2 kids under 5 years old and looking better than I did in high school!
23. Rocking my gorgeous ball gown at the Marine Corps Ball this past fall

24. Being proud of myself for not quitting
25. Hearing how proud my husband is of me
26. Runners high!
27. Reading my letter from Bob Harper
28. Working towards new fitness goals
29. Being the one others turn to when they need help with their weight loss problems
30. Setting a good example for my kids
31. Trying new foods when we go out to eat that are healthy
32. Being who I am, versus trying to be who I wanted
33. Being comfortable in my own skin
34. Being really happy for the first time in my entire life
35. Meeting other people who share the same goals I have
36. Knowing that not only will I NOT give up, but I can't! Other people depend on me.
37. Never taking another picture like this ever again (I'm in the blue):

38. Hearing that others are inspired by me! ME!
39. Feeling my rock-hard ab muscles!
40. Sleeping better at night
41. Being able to go out to eat without feeling like everyone is staring at me
42. Not just taking pictures, but being IN them...and liking it :)
43. Not being the "fat friend" anymore
44. Being in control of my body
45. Knowing what I want out of life, and knowing who I am
46. Reinventing myself!
47. Banishing the fear I've had for years.

That's my list for now, although I may add to it. I think of new ones randomly throughout the day!

Until next entry...stay fit, stay strong!

HarperGirl AKA Mandy


  1. Mandy you truly are an inspiration! I cannot wait to reach my goal and look back at my old pictures and be so proud of myself! I also have a 5k goal in my sites! :)

  2. Love it girl!! Keep up the great work, and inspirations to others!! I needed this today!
    (Its Melissa, not Jon.... )

  3. You are rocking it girl. I am a fitness coach and you are the reason I do what I do! I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they reach their goal, when they get over a plateau, when they realize for the first time they really can be someone different. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Love it!!

  4. Mandy, you are such a huge inspiration to me! I am struggling with my weight loss and love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. I really wanted to tell you your "43. Not being the "fat friend" anymore" hits home. I always compared myself to my friends who always seemed to be thinner than I was. It's nice to know I am now only a jean size up than my great friend I've had since high school, and I don't mind this at all because I now love my butt because I can actually feel muscle in it!!


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