Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Workout Time!

"What is your routine?" seems to be one of the questions I'm asked the most. Since July, I have been using Bob Harper's Skinny Rules DVD set. It's amazing. There are 4 DVD's (The 4th isn't pictured below but you can get it on Amazon!) and you rotate them on his calendar online. It's enough to leave me drained, even after 4 months.

The workouts, in my opinion, are not for beginners. Meaning, back when I was 210lbs, this would have been damn near impossible for me...even doing the modified version of each movement. I consistently use a 10 or 15lb weight/kettlebell in each DVD. Each workout is about 15-20 minutes each, which is great because it's so fast!! It's over before you realize that you started sweating.

My routine begins early. I get up before my kids go to school, throw on my gear, and hit the treadmill for warm-up. I run 1.5 miles, log my time, and head down to throw in my Bob DVD. I love these workouts so much, I can't even express it. The best part?! Unlike that other brand (whose name shall not be mentioned on this blog)....I didn't pay $200 for this set. Gasp! I can't believe they charge that much for workouts. Blows my mind, honestly. Guess what? I paid $29 for this set, and it was worth every single penny. I've never paid more than $10 for ANY of Mr. Harper's DVDs, so I can sweat on a budget!

You can look up these DVD's on Amazon, they are called The Skinny Rules DVDs, which go with his Skinny Rules book. Many of the meals from that book are in my daily rotation still (and they ARE good!).

My running playlist:
1. "Boomin'"- tobyMac
2. "Ready or Not" -Britt Nicole feat. Lecrae
3. "Eye on It"- tobyMac
4. "Unstoppable" tobyMac
5. "Gold"- Britt Nicole
6. Press On- Mandisa
7. Overcomer- Mandisa

Get your sweat on!!


  1. Congratulations on successfully losing weight, Mandy! Just seeing how much weight you've lost is enough proof that you've worked hard. I hope you know just how much of an inspiration you are for other people who are also on their journey to trimming down their weight. So now, what's your workout routine for staying fit?
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