Friday, January 6, 2012

DVD Review: Total Body Transformation

Today I will be reviewing Total Body Transformation from my main man, Bob Harper!

This is his newest and latest DVD, and it's amazing! I've done the full workout twice, and the mini workout once. This DVD is for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. It's designed to help blast through a weight loss plateau, and that is exactly what this DVD will do! Bob makes good on his promise. Complete with dive bombers, low-jacks, around the world push-ups, and side burpees, this DVD was the hardest workout I've ever done. EVER. It has a Cross-Fit type feel to it, which is great since I never go to the gym to do the classes. I thought his last DVD was the hardest, and I was wrong.

He has a new set of uber fit people behind him, and they really struggle through this DVD as well. Seeing those amazingly fit people struggle made me feel better! The first time through this workout, I wanted to die 15 minutes into it. It was that hard! I got through the entire DVD and I was sore the rest of the day. A good hurt...but still! He works in weights with cardio, which is his normal style.

The 15 minute workout is a really good workout when you are short on time. Lots of really great moves that have you sweating in no time!

You'll need one heavy weight and a set of light weights for this DVD...and bring your A-Game! Cause as Bob says "if you ain't gonna do it right, don't do it at all!"

Till next time.....
HarperGirl AKA Mandy <3

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