Thursday, December 22, 2011

Facebook Group and Other News!

I wanted to post my Facebook group link for those of you who would like daily encouragement!

Homefront Warriors

It's my little group that is just getting off the ground. I love to post there during the day and see how everyone is doing and what people are struggling with!

Okay, so big news! is going to do a little article featuring me! This site is awesome, if you haven't been there yet, go! What are you waiting for?! They have healthy recipes, workout guides, and real mom advice on healthy living. I love reading the articles there and seeing what their daily workout challenge is on their Facebook page. So I have some big questions to answer for this article. I'm a little nervous to be completely honest! But I'm super excited! It will be up in Jan or Feb and I cannot wait to see it! I'm truly honored and blessed for the opportunity to reach out to more women and encourage them in their journey.

Much love, and hope to see you in my group soon! '

Mandy (AKA, Harper Girl)  <--my domain name! ha!

PS, look who showed up in my mailbox today :)

It's Bob's new workout! I will post a review of this amazing workout! This is supposed to be his toughest, and it's been rated pretty tough! I can't wait to work up a sweat with Bob's new workout!


  1. Congratulations on being interviewed for! Once I figure out where I'm going with my blog, I'd love to have you do a guest blog post on my blog if you're interested. :)

    - Andie

  2. I applied for membership! And I can't wait for that review. Bob's workouts make me hurt lol


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