Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BodyMedia Fit Armband

I posted a few entries back that I was getting one of these babies:

Well...it's FINALLY here. There was a mix up with the mail, and I didn't get the first one I ordered. Luckily, Amazon has pretty decent customer service for us military folk overseas, and they sent me a new one for free! Thanks, Amazon :) So now that it's here, let me tell you how much fin this little toy is.

My favorite thing; it syncs with my iPhone. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love gadgets. Call me a nerd, but I love electronics. Always have, always will. So anything that allows me to play with my iPhone more has me hooked! Anyways, I can type in the food I'm eating and it'll add the calories to my daily bank. It keeps track of everything. EVERYTHING. I have to be disciplined though and really look at what I'm eating and make sure I put it in. That is what I love about this. It's great for people like me who have food addictions. It will hold you accountable. Being able to sync it to my phone allows me to carry it with me wherever I go, so if I go out to eat I can plug in my food right away instead of waiting till I get home and possibly forgetting something.

Then there is the calorie burn. Oh how I love seeing what I burn all day long! It's not even bed time yet for me, and I've burned almost 2,000 calories (Insanity workout plus running errands and cleaning house)! Insanity only counts for....217 of those. Not what you thought, hu? Me either. But I am still at a calorie deficit for the day. I have a deficit of over 715 calories right now. This tells me if I can have that 100 calorie Skinny Cow ice cream that's calling my name all the way from the freezer! So...yes I can have that after my kiddos are in bed :)

This is what it looks like on me:

I had a few "what is that chick wearing?!" looks today, but that was expected...and ignored easily... but other than that, it's a great little tool. It's easy and comfortable to sleep with on. You charge it right on your computer. It syncs with Bluetooth, so my data updates wherever I am without wifi. My friend helped me set it up (thanks again, Justi!!) and she's loving hers as well! I can keep track of just about everything. You'd be surprised that you burn calories in your sleep! You burn calories for just existing, it's just a matter of how many.

Here is an example of what it looks like on my iPhone (these are the totals from my day today)

Something else I love is that you can customize this! There are armbands in all different colors (I have chrome/black) and you can order skins for it too. This is a really cool feature!

For someone who needs that extra push with weight loss, I think this is a great tool to have. It helps you see what your caloric needs are, and it gives you a real number to what you are burning. Having a deficit at the end of the day means weight loss! It's simple to use, easy to understand, and really gives you a visual.

Do you want one? Of course you do. You can get one here or here!

Look for more reviews of this later. I haven't had this long, so I'd like to wear it more and I'll update how it's going with this!

NOTE:: I'm actually wearing mine backwards in this pic, but you can see what it looks like and what size it is facing forward.



  1. I love mine:) it's freaking awesome! and yes i got a skin so its less medical looking and i dont get the what the heck is that looks anymore!

  2. So I have to ask how does it know how many calories you have consumed? Where do you track that? I think I need to get one, I have an HRM and wear it when I workout. I use myfitness pal to track my calories but honestly I have fallen off the wagon on tracking completely for the last couple of weeks. I guess I just burned out. Thanks for sharing looking forward to other reviews.

  3. Thanks for the review! I need to look this up and possibly invest in one!


  4. Hi, My name is Jessica. I just wanted to Thank you, and let you know, even though you have no idea who I am, you have changed my life.
    I'm 20 years old, I had my son when I was 16. My bf (husband now) and I, couldn't afford child care, and had no support from family. I had no option other than quit school in the 10th grade, and stay at hom with my son. I had no friends, no driver's license. When my husband wasn't at school, he was working to get us through. I fell into depression, Bad. I resorted to food for comfort, and just kept gaining weight. I can relate to every thing you posted about how you feel about yourself, and how others make you feel.
    Now, my son is 4 years old. A lot has changed with our family, We get out more, my husband has a great job. Finances are great. But I still struggle with myself. I let myself go. I'm 170 pounds, 5'6''.
    Anyways, lol. I came across your photo on pinterest, and the caption underneath said "she lost 100 pounds in one year!" To be honest at first (no offense), I thought it was just another one of those internet scams, where they tell you how they lost all this weight, and then try and get you to buy a bunch of useless stuff. (Ive found several of those before). I pinned it anyways. Then last night, I couldnt sleep and I decided to click on your picture. Thats where my life changed. YOU are so inspirational, and motivated me. Even though that may not seem like much to change someone's entire life, but you don't know how I feel. Everyday I mope around, and I've gotten so use to being big, I just don't care to think about it anymore. I never do my hair and makeup anymore, because I see no point to it.
    But I stayed up until 4am reading your entire blog. (I couldn't stop! lol) This morning at 5:45am, I woke up and exercised. Then took a shower, and done up my hair and make-up. I cooked breakfast for my husband and son. When he woke up, he was kind of shocked. I told him all about your blog, and convinced him to go through with me. Which is another HUGE change. He's 230 pounds, 5'7''. I've attempted to include him in diets, and workouts but he is never up to any of it.
    SO, to sum this up. I want to thank you with every ounce of me, for sharing your journey. You will never know just how much you have done for me.
    Thank You, Jessica Call

    1. Jessica, I am almost in tears reading this. Thank you for telling me all of this. This is why I write, and why I stay motivated everyday; I want to help someone, anyone out there who is going through what I went through. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, but I'm so happy that you are changing for yourself and your family. I was a moper too, I never wanted to do anything other than what I had to do because I hated life. It's hard to take that first step! I set out to prove that anyone could do this, from home, and succeed. I never went to a gym, I never had weigh-ins anywhere but at home, and somehow I did it by staying consistant. I wanted to show the world that people CAN do this on their own without all kinds of money or trainers. I had no real help other than my husband and what Bob had written in his books, but I knew I had to try something or I'd spend my entire life being unhappy.
      Thank you for your story. You have no idea what it means to me knowing that I helped someone. I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey!
      PS-Go find out facebook group! The link is up, and I'd love for you to join!


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