Monday, March 4, 2013

New Running Playlist

I love running, if I haven't stated that before. There is something absolutely peaceful about being on the road, the wind in my face, and my mind clear. On the weekends I get to run outside on this beautiful island. The natural hills make a perfect running path for me. I zone out to the music in my ears and I just go. I don't think, I don't argue with myself, I just go.

I bought this T-shirt today :)

I get asked probably several times a week what music I like to run to. I switch up my playlist often, but here are my current favs:

1. Good Morning-Mandisa
2. Put Your Graffiti On Me- Kat Graham
3. Wanna Say- Kat Graham
4. CrushCrushCrush-Paramore
5. Catch My Breath-Kelly Clarkson
6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift
7. Scream-Usher
8. So What-P!nk
9. Live While We're Young-One Direction
10. One Thing-One Direction
11. You Need Me, I Don't Need You-Ed Sheeran
12. Decoy-Paramore
13. Ho Hey-Lumineers
14. Little Bird-Ed Sheeran

Like my previous play lists, there is a little bit of everything in there. I love a wide variety of music, and right now these songs have really motivated me and help me keep pace on the treadmill and outside.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Get outside and RUN!



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