Saturday, March 2, 2013

Updates & New Program

It's been a while since I really sat down and wrote on my blog. I've been trying hard to find a balance between work, fitness, and family. I'm not going to lie, it's hard. I am a perfectionist, and I like to give 100% to everything that I do. I've been trying extremely hard to get a schedule that works for my family, but that allows me to have time to workout, spend time with my family, clean, and work in my shop.

I still get up at 4:45am to workout. That is something that I have to do. There is no way around getting up that early. My mind screams at me that early "are you KIDDING ME?!" but there's just no other way to get it done. Once I get out of my bed though, I'm all set. It's just the act of putting my feet on the floor...and not being tempted to look at Facebook on my phone in an attempt to stall.

I've had some stress in my life recently, but it's really fueled my workouts. I did something amazing a couple of weeks ago. I was really just stressed and I threw it into my run for the day. I took all that anger, all that stress, all the feelings I had and I used them.

I ran a 7:39 mile.

I normally run around a 9-10 minute mile, but recently I've gotten much faster. The past month I've been running about an 8 minute mile. Ever since that day, I realized that I could do it. If I really pushed myself, I could run that. I could let my body do amazing things.

I've been running more and more lately, and recently I ran this very scary hill that is beside my neighborhood. It's absolutely terrifying when you think about running it uphill. It's this thing I've wanted to do since we arrived here, but I've just chickened out every time. So last weekend I took it on head-first and just DID it. I ran by Marines on base who were jogging down it, and I smiled. I ran 2.5 miles before coming to the base of it. I stopped and looked up. I wanted to turn back and go the long way home, but I knew that I could handle it, and I did. I ran this hill from bottom to top without stopping once. Standing at the top looking down was absolutely empowering, and all I could think was "I did that".

<--Me, mid run a few weeks ago. I look like a mess,'s real.

Running and Crossfit. It's my fitness life. I absolutely love it. I changed my kettle bell recently as well and went up in weight with it. Changing up the weight really added a new dynamic to my workouts. Just ask my glutes.

So I cannot contain my excitement at all over this. I just can't.

Bob started a new 8-week program today on his site, that is ---> CLICK HERE

A pre-summer program to help kick our booty's back into shape just in time to get out the beach attire!

I have the type of personality that adores structure and routine, so this new system Bob has is right up my alley! It's 8 weeks full of workouts and he posts 1 week at a time, complete with a worksheet to organize your workouts. I did the first workout this morning (and I won't lie, I still ran 1.5 miles before I dove into the workout), and it was a 10 minute Crossfit AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible). It was killer!!! My arms and legs hurt still. I'll be a pile of mush in the morning, and I'll get up and do it all over again.

I also recently purchased a jogging stroller for my youngest so I can go run out during the day with him, too. I might be addicted to running.

Until next time,


  1. I've missed reading your posts :) We were a military family too until about 2 years ago when we decided staying put in one place was better for our family.... I still miss it some days though!

    Awesome job on running uphill! I'm currently working towards my first 5k run and still working on my fitness/weight loss goals. Good to have you back writing again!

  2. Hi Mandy! I admire all the hard work you’ve put to your fitness. I also have to say that you have a great mindset when it comes to accomplishing goals -- thinking that everything’s possible if you put your all into it. Great job!

    -Mathias Michelakis

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