Thursday, April 16, 2015

Playground Workout

It was gorgeous out today. I've been in Missouri just under a year now, and it seems like I've been sick more than I've been well since we've arrived. I am constantly sick here, as are my kids. Something in the air just doesn't agree with us. Today, I feel like I'm making progress on the latest wave of sickness. My throat burns like fire, but I can breathe today. Progress.

Well, I had plans today. My husband and I are down to only 1 vehicle right now, which means that I have to walk my oldest to school. Thankfully, it's just a half mile down the street. I got in my 45 minute workout this morning, and then walked him to school. I got in an extra 1 mile, which burned about 75 calories according to my new HRM. On the way back, my youngest and I stopped at the playground for a few minutes. I had work to get done for my shop though, so it was a short trip before we headed back. 

Honestly, who can say no to that face? We spent our walk back talking about the trees, the birds, and making wishes on "wishing flowers". 

This afternoon we went back down to the playground for a longer play session. 

Whoever says you can't workout with kids is a liar.

I got in a second full workout today at the  playground. Tricep dips on the park bench, lunches, squats, push-ups on the stairs, monkey bars for pull-ups....get creative! At one point, I put Jake on my shoulders and lunged around the playground with him as my weight. Of course, we were being safe about it. He had a blast, and I burned another 300 calories. 

Be inspired to take your kids out today and "play" at the playground! It's fun, it's free, and you're doing it with your kids. I fully believe that it's important for your kids to see you working out and taking care of your body. Jake even did dips on the bench with me, because he wants to be strong like mommy, he says. 

I'll be talking more this week about my new workout system, it's amazing. It's difficult. I'm only 4 days into it and guys are going to want to see this!


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