Wednesday, April 8, 2015

JumpStart, Meal Prepping & My New Fitness Toy!

Back in 2013 I went on Bob's (then) new nutrition program, Jumpstart To Skinny, and I lost a good amount of weight and inches on it. I loved and hated that program. It was 3 weeks of no sugar, carbs, or anything processed...including my beloved coffee creamer. It was so hard, but I did it, and I got amazing results. I like to fall back on this 3 week program when I feel like my body needs a "tune up", and going into summer soon, I need that tune up. Normally, I eat on the Weight Watchers program, but we've been eating a lot of junk lately, and I have felt "off", and wanted a fresh start for summer. Tank top season all year round, people!! <-- as Bob says. So last Monday, I started the program again. 

The first 4 days were sheer hell. I won't sugarcoat that. I had a headache, I was sluggish, and I just wanted to have a donut. I pushed through those 4 days, and now I'm coasting. It's not easy still, but I'm making it and I'm not wanting to eat the entire bucket of Easter candy that my kids received last week. Well, at least not ALL of it...

I'm on day 10 this morning. This time around, I have been trying out recipes I didn't before, and it's been much better! Last time, I tended to stick with a few choice meals that I really liked, and I didn't explore the others that much. I really took my time reading the book last week and I've found a few new breakfast meals that I really enjoy. Today I had a bowl full of fruit, yogurt and flax seed. It's one of my favorite quick meals. 

I have learned that one of the biggest ways to ensure my success as a working mother and wife is meal prepping. Meal pressing is absolutely essential to my success on this program, and in general. In my fridge right now, you'll find a ton of already chopped veggies, bags of pre-portioned diced chicken breasts (ready to cook), and cooked quinoa set for the microwave in the morning. This is the number one factor for my success on Jumpstart to Skinny. I do all of my meal prepping on Sunday, and organize the fridge. Monday morning, I know my game plan. I write everything down in my planner, and the week usually goes smoothly. I take this a step further with my family dinners, freezer meals, and I also make my 2nd grader's lunches for the week and store them in the fridge. Monday morning, we grab and go! 

With the weather warming up, my legs were itching to go running outside. I wanted a new heart rate watch, but I wasn't sure which brand to go with. I knew I didn't want the FitBit, or any of the ones being marketed over the holidays this past year. Too many bells and whistles. I finally settled on the Polar FT7. It's easy to use, straightforward, and I don't need to plug it into the computer. It also jsut takes a watch battery, which I found very convenient. The chest strap isn't annoying like my last Garmin, and I don't even notice it. I tracked my run yesterday with it!

It was an awesome run, even though I was slower than usual with having a cold coming on. Gross. 

I'm going to test out a new fitness program starting next Monday, so I will disclose details on that next post. 


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