Friday, April 24, 2015

Skinny Enchiladas (Weight Watcher Friendly)

My family really wait....LOVES enchiladas! Anything Tex Mex in general usually is a favorite in my home. As we all know though, enchiladas are notoriously filled with calories. On average, a beef enchilada can cost you 600-1,000 calories! OUCH! 

I really wanted one, though, so I decided to "health up" one of my family favorites. 

First, instead of the regular, flour tortillas, I swapped for one of these:

After that, I sprayed a non-stick skillet, sprayed with olive oil,  and lightly fried it for a few seconds on each side. 

I filled my tortilla with 4oz (1/4 cup) of lean ground beef  (I recommend 90 or higher)seasoned to our liking (personal preference on the seasonings), and topped it with 1tblsp of cheese. I wrapped it up, our our regular enchilada sauce on top, and topped it with one more tablespoon of cheese.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and dinner is served! 

I had mine with a small side salad and fruit. Total points: 6 per enchilada! 

It was filling and satisfying! Yum!!!


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