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Q&A with HarperGirl::Answers

Yesterday I had this huge post with all of your questions and answers to them all. I finished it, and got to editing when I hit a wrong button and it all disappeared, and I had to just walk away from the computer. I hope I can still answer your questions as well as I did yesterday.

Q: Jennifer and Lauren ask "How do you stay motivated??"

A: I am no different than any of you, I swear. I am just a normal mother and wife, with a million things to do during the day and the last thing I want to do is workout. During last year when I was losing weight, I did a lot of little things that kept my mind where it should be. Please remember, I really am just like the rest of you! When my alarm goes off at 5:45AM to let me know that it's time to get my workout in (before my kids get up), all I want to do is hit the snooze button. Who wants to get up that early to work out? I still do it though. I get up, put my sneakers on, and drag my ass downstairs to get through another workout. I was committed though, and I still am. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay focused:

-Pick a time to workout everyday and stick to that schedule. Once you get into a routine of working out at the same time everyday, you will just do it.
-When I would weigh in every week, I would write down my weight and how much I lost and listed my numbers in a row so I could see the difference. If I ever had a bad week, it really helped me to see that I was still making progress. It was a great motivator.
-I had Bob's picture and workout schedule on my fridge. Seriously, if that doesn't motivate a person to pick a healthy snack, I don't know what will.
-Sleep in your workout clothes if you don't wear tight-fitting or compression gear. I would sleep in my tank and shorts, and lay out my sneakers, socks and sports bra on the dresser. Then when I got up, I'd put the shoes and bra on, and then there was no going back upstairs. I was ready for my workout when the time came.
-Plan out your workouts at least a week ahead so you know what to expect the next day.
-Bob's book was a great way to help me stay motivated during my down time.
-Biggest Loser was also a good "down time" motivator.

Best of luck to you ladies!

Q: Hillary asks "Do you have any stretch marks? I know from having my baby I got them all over. If you do have any how do you stay confident and push bast them?"

A: Oh yes...I have them. I think most average mothers do!

This was me, pregnant with our first child in 2007, and I was 8 weeks still from birth. I was 220lbs, give or take, in this photo.

This is me during my 2nd pregnancy in 2010, and I was about 165lbs here.

So needless to say...yes I have stretchmarks. Between pregnancy and serious weight gain, it was bound to happen. I can't do anything but accept them as part of me now. I hate them most of the time, but I also know that I got 2 beautiful kids from those stretchmarks, and that is what I focus on. I can cover them pretty well, and I can still wear really cute 2 piece swimsuits. My husband loves every part of me and has no issues with them, so I just hold my head up and remember what really matters. Look at the big picture, and not at your imperfections :)

Q: Foodie Girl asks "I read what motivated you to start getting healthier, but did you have a lot of support?"

A: The answer is...sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I had a few good friends, my husband, and my family who all supported me, but on a daily basis I was alone a lot throughout my journey. My husband worked the night shift through much of that year, my parents were 5 states away, and I didn't see my friends all the time because of my workout schedule. I did have one really amazing friend, I'll call her K, who would come over several times a week and we'd take out the jogging strollers and walk/jog around the base I lived on. It was great to do that and helped me much more than she realizes! Much of the time though, I had to be my own support system. I relied on God, my kids, and my husband to get me through that time. It's not easy, and I won't sugarcoat that at all. Sometimes all I wanted was to talk to someone who had to lose as much weight as I did about the entire situation, and no one in my family understood that or what it was like for me going through all of this. It plays on your emotions and can really bring you down if you let it. But from someone who has been there, let me tell you, don't. Learn how to be your own cheerleader! Do things that make you happy, and once others see how happy you are, they will come around. You'll meet new people on this journey. You can reach out to others going through the same thing. I also have a group on Facebook, Homefront Warriors, and we have a great support group there if you need it. I'm rooting for you, Foodie Girl!

Q: KatiBug asks "My questions is how did you lose the last 15 or 20 pounds?"

-Step up your workouts. I added in running and that melted the pounds away. I started with 1.5 miles and a year later I'm up to 4.5 miles. Slow and steady, but it got the job done.
-Get new workout DVDs if you workout at home like I do. Try strength training if you don't already use any. Bob has a "super strength" DVD and that is amazing!
-Go up in your weights. I switched from 3lbs to 5lb dumbells and a 10lb kettle bell.
-Make sure you get your water in
-Don't calorie deprive, you will not get your metabolism running enough and you won't lose any weight.
-Keep pushing through even if the scale isn't moving just yet. Never, ever quit! Just step up your game.
-Reverse your workout schedule.
-Make sure you are getting enough water, did I say that yet? I'm saying it again! Water, water, water! 

Best of luck to you and let me know how it goes!

I hope I answered everyone's questions! If you have a question let me know and I will do my best to get back to you!



  1. I love this question & answer session! I've watched you through your whole weight loss (via LJ! I'm j210209) and am so so proud of you! You're an inspiation to every woman out there. Even those that aren't trying to loose weight! xxx

  2. So I was wondering they usually say that food is a symptom of something deeper going on. I have been battling my weight since I gave birth to my first child she is now 17. How did you figure out what was making you want to compensate your feelings with food? I totally admit that I have a food addiction I have fluctuated with my weight through the years and it seems it just keeps getting harder and harder I was wondering what your replaced your addiction to food with they say you need to replace it with something.

    1. Hi Sheresa! I replaced mine with reading! I was a book nerd already, but I loaded my Kindle up and started cracking it open when I needed to occupy my hands and mind. Or I'll start cleaning something, take my kids outside to play, ANYTHING but go into the kitchen like my brain wants me to.

  3. I've just been stalking all your blogs, and you're just the biggest success story!! I've always been called skinny but you're thinner than me now! I eat well and exercise nearly every day but can't shed those last 5 pounds.... probably because I love chocolate so so so much. And indulge a couple of times a week (not a small amount). The silly thing is, I'm great at making healthy chocolate treats but I ALSO like the bad stuff ;P.

    I really just wanted to say that I really like your idea of READING to get your mind off that NEED to eat chocolate! I haven't read a book for years now lol but used to churn through them. Good stuff!

    1. Aw thank you Hannah! I fear indulging, which is probably not healthy, but I'm scared of going overboard and not being able to control myself. So I try to make a healthy version of what I want to splurge on so I won't be too tempted! My biggest thing was fast food, I love fast food, so we stopped going out to eat until I could make myself order salads at those places. But we very rarely go out to eat anymore anyways, which is better for our health and bank account :)


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