Thursday, March 29, 2012

DVD Review: Totally Ripped Core/Shoe Review

Hey everyone! So, I got Bob's new Ab DVD in the mail about a week and a half ago. This DVD is about 48 minutes long with a warm up and cool down. You only need one set of dumbells for this workout. I'm using 8lb dumbells, but use what you're comfortable with, or if you need to modify, you can use just your own body weight. There is a 45 minute workout and a mini workout. I have not done the mini workout yet, but I will soon!

This isn't one of Bob's normal workouts where you're drenched in a pool of your own sweat by the end of the hour, but you will be feeling your abs for the rest of the day! It not only works your core, but it pushes the limits of your balance as well. I have a crooked spine, so some of these balance moves were very challenging to me. Bob loves to work balance and core together, and since I've been using his DVD's, my balance has greatly improved, but I still have to work to get through these routines. Some moves are very simple, like the crunches and variations of them, and others are deadly, like the side burpees and plank twists at the end. Bob knows just how to push you to your limits and then some. I have done this workout twice and I feel it at the end! I did this workout 15 hours ago, and I still feel my abs! It will really work your core, your balance, and your strength all at the same time. It's a nice DVD to have in between the cardio workouts to break up the week. So...yes! Go out and get this DVD right now!

Next review; Puma running shoes!

You can get these babies here! I bought mine earlier this month and I've got to say...I've fallen in love with them. I've done both outside running (with the ginormous Japanese hills here on our base) and running on the treadmill with them. They are very breathable; I felt the wind blowing around my feet while I was outside! The insides practically molded to my foot. They have amazing support, and have a sort of "spring" to them when you take each step, which launches you to your next stride. I've done regular cardio workouts with them and they are great for that too, but I'm using them just for running since I have other athletic shoes too. I've officially switched from being a Nike Girl to a Puma Girl!

So if you are in the market for new shoes, go with the Puma running shoes! They run true to size! I normally wear a 6, and I ordered a 6 without trying them on and they fit perfectly.

Until next time!

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