Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Sometimes the only thing keeping us from being happy is ourselves. I've talked to many people who are just beginning their journey and the most common thing I hear from them is that they are afraid. They are afraid of their diet not working, that the exercise program will be too difficult, or that they won't be able to be consistent. Many times, I've seen people give up all together because they are too afraid.

Let me tell you all a secret; I still deal with fear. It's a different kind of fear, now that I've lost the weight, but still fear that could put me back to where I was before. I am afraid of the person I've become. Once I lost the weight, I was this new person. A person that for the last 26 years I never was. I had to rediscover myself and find out who I really was, and who I have always tried to be! Sometimes I still see myself as that 210lb girl, scared of everyone and everything. That kind of fear and thinking would out myself right back to where I started; back to eating my emotions and binge-eating. Back to my food addiction. Back down that downward spiral.

Fear is always there, but what matters is how we deal with it. I was afraid at the beginning too. I had an issue with plateaus in the past. So I was afraid every week of stepping on the scale and seeing what my number would be. This time around though, I never had a plateau on the scale. I consistently lost every week, and have yet to gain any back. I can write another post on how I avoided that, but the point is that I dealt with the problem head-on through research and action.

Don't let your own fears hold you back from starting your journey! I understand the fear, I really do. But you have to tackle the fear head on! Work through it, breathe through it, and remember to always love yourself. Fear won't get you to the size you want, it'll just keep you where you are!

Today's Tip: The holidays can be a bummer for girls watching their calories! I wont' lie, I've had my fair share of Christmas cookies already this year! If you can budget them in, do it! Just don't overdo it. That will lead to weight gain. Try sipping low-calorie hot chocolate or pumpkin spice tea at night (or when a cookie craving strikes!).

PS-Just ordered Bob's newest workout! I'll have it by the end of the month, and I promise to write a review for it!!


  1. Bob Harper makes me happy! :) You know this is just the exact revelation I had today! I have been meeting with a counselor to help me get my brain in check as I am just beginning this journey, and we figured out that I am missing out on a LOT of things because of fear! And it is only holding me back! We talked about pushing past the fear and focusing on what I KNOW! I KNOW I can do this! I KNOW I am strong willed, if I apply myself I can do ANYTHING! I KNOW I am determined, I know I can do this! I know I this will make me feel better! This will make me healthy! FOCUS on what you KNOW! :) I am excited about this! Thanks for sharing! -- (Ps. This is my new blog, I am also **Perfectly Imperfect**)

  2. SO which "Bob Harper" workout video would you recommend for beginners? Also, my fear is not doing the work out routines the correct way. I have tried a couple of routines, and feel as if they are ineffective because I am not doing them right.

  3. Also, is Jillian Michaels legit? Do you do the same workout video all the time? ....I am just so ready to start...

  4. Jess you can do it! When in figured that out, it was a huge weight off my shoulders!

  5. For Beginners I recommend Bob's Bootcamp. Bob is really good at explaining correct form, so no worries! With form, just remember weight in your heels for squats, always chin up and back straight. I'm not a huge Jillian fan. I never saw results with her workouts, ever. Bobs workouts were totally different. Jillian I think, is more interested in selling quick-fix DVDs rather than real workouts.


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