Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am a Runner

Beware, lots of old flash backs and real honesty in this post. I like to keep things honest about my weight loss and life, even if the entire world reads it.

Who likes to run? Correction, who actually runs? I don't know of anyone who actually ENJOYS the act of running, myself included, running is just something I feel compelled to do (despite my new running jacket!)

Don't mind my no make-up look. I was heading out the door for my weekend run. I run typically once a week right now. I started running to prevent my body from plateauing. I remember the first time I tried running after I had my second baby, Jacob. I was a good 180lbs. We had just bought a double jogging stroller so we could begin a walking/jogging routine as a family. I couldn't jog more than 100 feet without panting or having sharp pains in my knees. I wanted to cry! I was so out of shape. After losing about 50lbs though I decided to try running again and I did amazingly better. My knees didn't hurt anymore, and I ran more than half a mile before I had to stop. I felt better about myself knowing that my body could do that. You see, running has always been my biggest weakness. I remember gym class at school (yeah, I'm going that far back) and I was never picked for the teams because I was no good at any sport other than volleyball. Anything that required running was a no-go for me. Remember running laps around the gym with the class? I was always last. I was the pudgy girl walking at the end. Running has never been my thing, which is what sort-of fueled the idea for me. They way I see it, if your body has a hard time doing something then you're doing something right when you exercise! Bob Harper always preaches to try new things, that the burn is good, and we have to go beyond what we think our limit is. So I picked up running again January of 2011.

In January, I was back to my comfortable, normal weight of about 135lbs. The weight I've been nearly my entire teenage and adult life. About a size 10. Not obese, but not healthy either. Right in the middle. For some reason, that is where I either get too lazy to keep going because my old pants fit again, or I just plateau out and can't seem to get over that hump into the 120's. Running and Bob Harper changed all of that for me. With a new mindset and determination I started running 1.5 miles around base housing in North Carolina. I started out half walking, half jogging. I could hear Bob in my head over my ear buds telling me to push harder, don't look at the people staring in the cars (psh, they just think I'm hot anyways! Holla!), back straight, head up, run run run....

My run time the first time around, for 1.5 miles, was.....45 minutes. Unacceptable. But, damn it, I did it. I didn't stop. I kept running and running until I got better and better. I wanted to be "a runner" because it was hard. I like feeling the wind in my face, the sun on my body, and my feet hitting the pavement. It was my weekly date with the road. I got to forget all those things to do at the house, all the mommy stuff, the laundry, the cleaning. For an hour, I was a runner just doing my thing.

Today, 11 months later, I have a 9-minute mile. I just started running up to 5K. It took me a long time, but I trained myself! I completed a 5K run today in 35 minutes, which is outstanding for someone like me who isn't a hardcore runner. It's not a amazing time, I know, but it's my own personal best, and I am damn proud of it. Next week, I'll push harder and try to beat it.

I challenge you all to look at yourselves and your workouts and see what you think is scary or hard for you. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could complete a 5K or be a runner, but here I am. Conquer your fears, your body will thank you! Plus, it's a sure way to help beat the plateaus!

Until next week!

Today's Tip: Need a little motivational boost? Music! I just got an iphone, early Christmas gift from the hubby, and downloaded a new workout playlist! My new favorite workout song (other than Usher...ahem, ERsher's "Yeah!") is "Fighter" by the great Christina. Plus I got that sweet running jacket to help me fight the "it's too cold to go running" blues. Seriously, google workout playlists and you'll find hundreds of really great songs to either run or workout at home to. I put on a playlist every time I workout, even if I'm zoning out. It helps me focus, and my workouts are so "blah" without it! Mix it up! If you'd like a list of my favorite workout music, leave me a comment! I'll post a bunch that I persoanlly love!

Much love and Merry Christmas!


  1. I would love some suggestions of good workout music! I just started reading your blog and it is fantastic! Thanks for putting it up!

  2. This post really hit home for me. I have a goal to lose 50lbs by July, an attainable goal I believe. And I want to run (I don't know why, I am pretty sure the only reason I would currently run would be my life was in GRAVE danger ... and it really would have to be grave). This has really given me the boost to go for it. Thank you!


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