Sunday, April 1, 2012

Team Bob Club & Strength Training

I am so excited about this new feature from Bob; his own personal fit club! Please, take a look at this video here, and watch what the workouts look like! He will be doing live workouts 3 times a week, have message boards available, lots of new recipes, and a fitness journal. I preregistered, and my name on there is (duh!) HarperGirl. If you sign up, you'll have to find me! It's not up yet, it's only available to register. It opens on the 3rd of April!!!

You can go to to sign up! It's only $9.95 a month, and I think it's totally worth it for everything you get, especially 3 NEW workouts every week! I am so excited!

So I wanted to blog about something else. This is what I've been doing every morning for an hour:

See the palm tree through the morning sunlight? I've been greeting the Okinawa sun with a workout everyday. My body is getting adjusted to waking up super early. Today is Sunday and although I could sleep in a bit today, my body was alert by 6:15am. Such a bummer for a Sunday. Today is the one day a week I go running outside while my husband stays home with our boys. I get to go running and clear my head, make hard decisions, or just think about what I'm going to make for dinner that night. It's like my own personal time to myself, which is rare as a mom of 2 busy boys and with a husband in the Marine Corps. But my husband is great about letting me have that time to myself every Sunday like clockwork.

This week something pretty cool happened to me. I blogged earlier this month about how I've been using heavier weights to give myself a little extra boost. Well, I think it's paying off. My weight has been up by a few pounds for a few months (since I started running more times a week) from what I concluded was muscle from the hills here that I've been running. I was praying that it was muscle. Today, I know it is! I noticed this happening

in my arms....and that was NOT there before! Okay, it's small, but it IS there! Something that when I was 210lbs I never would have dreamed of! Then later that same day, I was brushing my teeth at the sink in my standard tank & boy shorts combo. My husband was laying on the bed and, from behind. Now, I know most of you don't know my husband well, but we have a very honest marriage and relationship with each other, and we don't say things unless we really mean it. He looks at me and says "wow! Look at the muscles in your legs! You have real muscle definition showing!"!! How excited was I to hear that?! Words can not express it. I've been working towards this for what seems like forever. It was a great moment for me on my fitness journey.

Basic point here: picking up heavier weights really does make a difference! I'm really getting into them too, my body is adjusting. It's hard at first, I will admit, to get used to it. Some moves, like rows, are very difficult still for me. I am coming along though, and it's like my workouts are brand new to me again the way I struggle through them. Heavier weights are amazing! It's shocked my body, and I love it!

I bought some powdered protein this week too, and I'll be trying out new recipes with them this month. I'll review the good ones for you here!

Also, starting Monday in my group, Homefront Warriors, we are going to be doing a squat challenge! If you'd like to get into all the action, please click here!!  We love new members!

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