Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother's Day

It's the end of April already, and it's almost Mother's Day! Okay, so there are a couple of weeks left, but don't forget! I'm in Japan, so I have to think about this way ahead of time to get our gifts back to our mother's in time before the holiday. I have a trick up my sleeve for our mother's this year, so I'm a little excited to get started on it.

Mother's Day 2007 was a pivotal day for me.

This was me with my now 5 year old son, Josh. We were out at Olive Garden, my favorite place to eat. Oh how I miss that place now that I'm in Japan. We have Macaroni Grill, but I'm not a big fan of that place. It's nothing compared to Olive Garden for me! Anyways, this was my last day before starting Weight Watchers in 2007. This is where is all began for me. My Mother's Day gift to myself was my health. I decided that Mother's Day was the last day of being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. It was the best decision I ever made, although I had no idea how long of a journey was ahead of me. I have 2 kids, and this was my first child. I had to go through all of this again after my 2nd pregnancy. When this picture was taken, I was going through my first round of weight loss. I was 210lbs in this picture. My husband was so helpful and supportive. He took me on runs....and can you imagine me at my size RUNNING?! Oh, it was awful. God bless him for doing that for me though. He ate the Weight Watcher dinner I made, and actually liked many of them. We still eat some of them to this day. I got back down to 135lbs eventually, and was back in my size 10/12's before I knew it. But again, that weight was just my "comfortable weight". I never pushed to actually get further than that because I always failed. That is, until I met Bob Harper in 2011 :) (Okay I didn't technically meet him, but I started his program...and mark my words, I will meet that man one day!).

This is me today
A healthy 115lbs! I got to 110lbs, and then recently gained about 5lbs of muscle since this past January. This is also the baby in the first picture. Is this possible?! How did he get so big so fast? I just registered him for Kindergarten, and he is so excited to go. I'm in shock still at the thought of him going. My baby who loves to work out with me is leaving me so soon. We are going to enjoy every last bit of this summer with him before he goes. This summer will be epic for me.

For Mother's Day this year, do something for your health. It's the best gift you can give yourself. I would have made that decision all over again, even if it took me a while to get to where I am today. I am happy, healthy, and living my life to the fullest. What better gift could a mom ask for? This year, I'm asking for a Silhouette machine. Someone pass that along to my husband. HarperGirl needs a Silhouette machine!!



  1. I loved you then and I love you now!!! but what a difference! Now get your butt back to lejeune so we can workout together!

  2. Love you too girl! Believe me, if I could I'd be back there in a second! It's on the top of the list for when we PCS back!

  3. That is awesome. I know the feeling I gained about 30lb with each of my pregnancies I have been working at getting down to 130. It has not been an easy process I started off by counting calories and that worked have done some many different workouts. Some have worked some have not, I have hit plateaus that lasted several months. So far I have lost 23lbs still have 11 lbs to go but they are so hard to get rid of. I have stopped counting calories because honestly it is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. Do you count calories? You look amazing and I cannot wait until I get down to my goal.


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