Monday, April 16, 2012

Yum-o Alert!!

Lunch is on!

I tried a pita today, and it was really good! Mine was packed with deli turkey breast, carrots, and baby spinach. Verrrrrry good!

I have a confession to make; I am obsessed with protein bars. I eat them for lunch or dinner, or whenever I want something quick. I'm trying to get out of that habit though, because as my husband says "it's not real food!". My husband finally lost it with me the other day at the kitchen table. He saw me unwrapping one, and flipped out. Instead of what I thought was a healthy meal (I do round out those protein bars, don't worry!), he made me eat lasagna that I cooked for the rest of my family. Not what I considered the best option, but when you're married, you learn how to pick your battles!

So in an effort to make real food, quick and easy, I am playing with different things in the kitchen. It has to be fast though, since I have 2 kids who want lunch at the same time. So since I'm being healthy for life, I need to start making better food choices for myself. It really filled me up, and the pita itself was only 90 calories!

I'll be trying different versions of these too. I plan on trying a chicken one and egg whites one later on this week. I can't wait to get different variations. I won't lie either, I got this idea from Bob Harper, and I was really surprised our commissary here in Okinawa had whole wheat ones!

I also plan on trying hummus. I know what you're thinking "what!? You haven't tried it yet!? Are you nuts!?". I know, I know. I'm late to jump on that. I've got the stuff to make it this week though, so never fear!

I know I have to get off the protein bars though, as much as I love them. I have to make this stick for life. I have to make this work for myself! They are good for losing weight, but now I'm trying to maintain. So please don't think I'm preaching that everyone should do what I did and eat protein bars like crazy (I just loved the taste! They have CHOCOLATE ones, y'all!), it just isn't the best option for you. I'm still learning, too.

Until next time,


  1. I love protein bars too. Your pita looks super yummy though. And the fruit!

  2. I love protein bars I like to eat the Luna protein bars and just found ones called Think Thin they are really good.
    Your pita looks really good. You know there is a site called skinnytaste that I use to make recipes she is calorie conscious, and her food is really good have not been disappointing.
    I wanted to let you know that I started a Fitness Friday link party last week at my blog. I would love for you to join this Friday.

    Have a great day and I like your blog. I am in the process of loosing my last 10lbs and they are so hard.

  3. I noticed that you've mentioned eating egg "whites" a couple of times now. Something I have only just recently found out myself, is that the YOLKS are actually essential to being able to properly absorb the pure protein of the white, as well as ENHANCING the fat burning quality of the egg! The extra fats (healthy fats) and calories from the yolk are so nutrient-dense that they actually HELP you to burn off body fat!

    I've read it in a few places now, but this was one of the best articles:

    Keep up the awesome work!! x


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