Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swaps & My Favorite Eats

Guess what I did?

I broke 100 miles! This counter started Jan 1st, 2012. I am way excited about this! So if you've read my previous posts then you know that I've never really been a "runner". Running is my weakness, which is why I do it. I love to do things that challenge me and push me outside the box. I love to see what my body can do when I hit a wall. These are not all distance runs on my counter, some are sprint intervals, HIIT's, or 5K's. So don't take my time into consideration. But look at how many calories I've burned! Just from running! Not even counting all the Bob workouts I've done :) Sweeeet!

Okay so onto other things. This month I've been doing "swaps". I've cut out all soda in my house. I don't drink it, but my husband does. We've successfully gotten rid of it! We've replaced it with citrus tea, which is tea with lemons and oranges sliced up in it. Mmmmm!

Here is another swap I have:

Apple chips! We all have that "one food", right? That one we know isn't healthy but we portion it out just so we can still have it. Mine is tortilla chips and homemade salsa! I traded my tortilla chips for apple chips! I love them. Just slice an apple really thin, paper thin, and put them on a (greased) cookie sheet. Spray the apples lightly with cooking spray, and top with a touch of cinnamon & sugar. Just a little bit will do! Bake at 225 for 1 hour & 45 minutes, or until they are golden brown. They come out crispy! Very yummy! My favorite snack, and my husband steals them all the time from me. My favorite afternoon "down time" activity is my bowl of apple chips and reading a good book.

A swap for my boys:

Instead of snacking on cookies, they are snacking on frozen yogurt bites. Which are exactly what they sound like! Just some parchment paper, your favorite yogurt and a Ziploc bag is all that's needed. Pop 'em in the freezer for a couple of hours and they are good to go! My kids love these on a warm day, or just as a regular snack. I love giving them yogurt bites rather than a cookie or some other processed junk.

My last swap of the month:

I started eating eggs in the morning. I used to just eat a mini bagel, but that isn't enough for my body. Now I have at least 1 egg, plus a fruit, protein shake, or small grain like a mini bagel. Making this swap really benefited me. I wasn't getting hungry at 11am anymore. Big changes for me! Plus I'm getting in more protein!

So these are my favorite eats of the month! I hope making some small changes to your routine will help you as well!

Until next week,


  1. Great ideas, Mandy - we'll certainly be trying the citrus tea and those frozen yoghurt bites. Thank you!

  2. I saw those yogurt bites on pinterest and really want to try them. I will now!

    Great swaps.

  3. I love your apple chip idea!! My husband is crazy about chips and 'snacks' in general... these are really helpful, thanks for sharing!!


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