Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get Insane with HarperGirl!

I had an idea today. I want to start an end-of-summer Insanity group! Who would like in?

I want to start the program again (making sure I'm at my best for the Marine Corps Ball in November!) sometime in August. I need some feedback though from you all!

So I have the calendar for anyone who needs the schedule. You can get the program and details either at or

I'm looking for a small group of us. We'd do the workout each day together, and discuss our progress on my Facebook page.

If you'd like to participate, please comment below! Also, add me on facebook! My link is on the sidebar. We can all discuss when the best time for us to start will be! I look forward to working out with you all!



  1. Me, I need to get my rear in gear again. I am loving this break though.

  2. I wanna look amazing before the Navy ball too which is in October. But if my husband is gone on det for it I will settle looking amazing for when we go back to KY to visit my inlaws that HATE me hahaha!

  3. I will too! I plan on starting again August 6th. I want to get back into the routine before school starts.

  4. I'd like to start the first week or second week of August. How does that sound for you guys?

  5. I'd like to join;) I was working out every day til we moved across the country!! I'd love to get back working out every day;)

  6. Do you need the DVDs to be able to follow along?

    1. Yes you'll need them. I can't really distribute out mine. You can order them online though, or through a Beach Body coach!

  7. I would like to join insanity challenge group!


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