Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Review; Awry

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "HarperGirl, this is a fitness blog! Why are you reviewing novels?". I'm reviewing novels because I love to read, and it deters me from binge eating from boredom. Plus, it's my blog, and I can review whatever I please ;) So there.

Deep breaths...deep breaths....this was one of the best books I've ever read. Awry is the 2nd book in the Archers of Avalong series, and there will be a 3rd book! I was speechless after the end chapter of this book!

What I love: STRONG female lead. There is no "Bella" in this book. Scar (we are on a nickame basis now!) is a strong leader and I love that about her. No vampires, angels, zombies or typical YA stuff that is really popular right now. Flashbacks rock in this book. Tristian and his amazing green eyes! Oh Tristian, how I adore you. Most of all though, I just love how refreshing this story is. It's completely different from anything out there in the YA fiction world!
Here is the book syopsis:
Sometimes love is meant to be. But is the death of you....

Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. Only, dying isn't unusual for a girl under a centuries old curse that left her semi-immortal.

This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing. Together with the immortal Archer brothers, Scarlet must piece together her life and try to break the curse before her impending death comes again.

Scarlet wakes up from "death" to find the twins in battle with each other, and she still doesn't remember her past. In this book though, we learn where she came from through flashbacks. We really start to see the real story behind Tristian and Scarlet, and why Tristian is somewhat distant with her in this life. I enjoyed the flashbacks so much, and normally I'm not a fan of flashback chapters in books. This was beautifully done though, and we learn about Scarlet and who she actually is. Then all hell breaks lose at the end, and we are left with another cliffhanger. I had a smile on my face, but I was so shocked at the end, too! I wish I could write more about this book, but then I'd give away so much that I'd spoil it for you. No spoilery posts here!

Basically, you need to read this book this summer. Everyone needs to know about this series! Here is the link on Goodreads to the series:
Click for the Archers of Avalon Series!!

Here is the trailer for book 1

And here is book 2's trailer

So, hot boys, mystery girl, flashbacks from the 1500's, and mythology. What else could a girl ask for?

Go read these books, and then come back here and tell me how you liked it!



  1. I just searched for this book at three of my local libraries as an ebook or regular book - none of them have it. Would you be willing to lend me the book through kindle?

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