Sunday, June 10, 2012

Comfort Food

Admit it; there is at least one or two meals that you go to when you're stressed. Why does food make us feel better when we are stressed out? It does for a few moments, while that food is in our mouth. As soon as our plate is gone though, that guilt usually settles in. It does for me, anyways.

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I did something I don't normally do this weekend; I had dessert! Granted, it was a special treat, and I didn't binge, but I still consumed probably 300-400 extra calories in that little meal. Immediately after the last bite was gone, I felt awful. Why did I do that to myself? WHY? When I knew I'd feel terrible.

In my group, HomeFront Warriors, we've had a few discussions about this lately. Quite a few of my members have done the same thing and felt guilty lately. What should you do when this happens? I have a few tips for you!

Before I eat a treat (dessert, comfort food, etc.) I take a few steps.
-How many calories is in this meal? Take note so you know exactly what you're eating, even if it's an ugly number of calories. You still need to know. It's essential for tracking your food.
-What is the serving size? Never go over 1 serving. It's all about portion control! Don't deprive yourself be eliminating the foods you love completely, but keep it in check, too.
-Think to yourself "if I eat this food, how will I feel after?". If it will just make you feel worse, then I'd stay away from it. If you can feel good about that small portion and your calorie allowance is good for the day, then go for it!
-If you still feel guilty after the food is gone, then do something active after. After I had dessert the other night I went for a light jog on the treadmill. It made me feel better to be active afterwards. I got a little endorphin high, plus I made my calorie burn goal for the day by doing a little more activity.
-Ask yourself "do I really want this food, or am I really wanting something else instead?". Did you just have a fight with your spouse? A bad day at work? Kids driving you nuts? Sometimes, food just isn't the answer. If you're eating because of your emotions, then find out what you really want. The food isn't what you really want. I had to find this out myself, and it was really difficult for me. I had to face my problems head-on, instead of hiding and eating my emotions. I would go talk my problems through with my husband, friend, or co-worker. Or, I would go read a book and relax. A good book and a bath will do WONDERS for you! Point: don't eat comfort food because you're stressed. Work though those feelings. You will thank me later when you are not emotionally eating anymore.

Tracking your foods will also allow you to really know if you should eat that comfort food or not. If you are not tracking your food, I highly suggest that you start. It will change the relationship you have with food. Learn what your body needs.

Eat to fuel your body, not to comfort your mind!

I hope these tips help!


  1. I know precisely what you mean about feeling awful after 'indulging' on empty calories. It's such a short lived pleasure!

    Thanks for this post, I liked your helpful points for avoiding the naughty foods!

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