Sunday, June 3, 2012

How's everyone's weekend been? Ours has been pretty good here. I have been really, really busy! I've been on a cleaning and organizing kick all week, and I've got a lot done in our home. Saturday was my "rest day" from working out, so I wanted to keep busy. My husband took our oldest to see The Avengers at the movie theater (his first movie at the theater!!), so I had a few hours to myself. What I wanted to do was sit outside, drink & book in hand, while our 1 year old napped....but with the constant downpours that afternoon, it was just impossible. I ended up organizing, and I'll show you what I did in another post!

Here is a run-down of my weekend:
-Rest day Saturday
-Organized the boys' clothes in bins
-Organized hall closet
-Laundry/Cloth Diaper was day
-Finished "Shadows" book
-Pizza night for the boys, salad night for mommy
-Went to BX, got a few things we needed
-Commissary (military grocery store)
-Insanity with the hubs this afternoon
-Rearranged living room
-Made a "to donate" box, filled it up with my clothes

Yeah, I'm a little tired. I did, however, stumble upon these beauties at the grocery today!

I cut these babies up tonight and I can't wait to eat them this week. I'm on a serious pineapple kick. Friday I had amazing totals with my armband, and this thing is working wonders for me. It's helping me stay accountable and I love it. Totally worth every penny!! Check this out!

Sometimes making my step total is difficult, so I've been walking on the treadmill at night to help me meet that goal. It honestly takes maybe 10-15 minutes to walk around 3,000 steps! I honestly sleep more than what that says, there's no way I'd run on 5 hours of sleep, that is just how long it logs me sleeping very soundly in REM sleep. I toss and turn quite a bit, so my sleep is really broken up. If you are thinking about getting a BodyMedia band, do it. I am in love with mine!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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