Sunday, June 24, 2012

Insanity Update

I am currently in week 2 of month 2 of Insanity. I can't believe it's been this long already! I've completed day 44 today of Insanity. I've noticed some major differences between month 1 and 2. First, month 1 workouts are significantly shorter. They last maybe 30-45 minutes at most. Month 2 goes over an hour in some workouts. Intensity is also a huge factor. The intervals are longer, 3-4 minutes a round. My muscles freaked out the first week from the new workouts and the higher intensity intervals. I was retaining water, too, so I felt a little off.

Now I'm in week 2, and I feel a little more normal. I have yet to lose any real weight, but my body fat percentage is pretty low anyways, so I'm not really concerned about losing pounds. I did notice my muscle mass starting to rise over the past few weeks though, which would account for the 2 pound I've gained while on Insanity. I have also lost inches, which makes me really happy! I can see where I've lost inches.

Here is my inches:
Waist- lost 1.5"
Hips- lost .75" (hardest place for me to lose!!)
Legs/thighs- lost 1"

Not HUGE losses, but definite change. I don't have much left to lose here, so I'm really just toning. My cardio is better, which is also making my run time better, too. So I can't complain! I've had some really good workouts with Insanity, and I've lost inches and increased muscle mass. So far, so good!

Summer is in full-swing around here, so I have my kiddos full time at home. I've been busy with them and trying to make sure we have lost of fun this summer. I've been trying out new recipes. I've been trying to make my own protein bars at home, and they are hit and miss. I found a pumpkin one that I like, and today I'm going to try a different kind. I've also (finally) received my PB2 Chocolate and regular peanut butter. I've been experimenting with protein shakes for my husband and I. I created this one:

It's a chocolate peanut butter & strawberry protein shake, all for about 250 calories! I used 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of almond milk, a few frozen strawberries, 1 tblsp of chocolate PB2, and a teaspoon of truvia. Blend and drink! It's really good, and my favorite right now! If you try this one, let me know what you think!

Working on more posts. If you have an idea for a topic that you want me to cover, please comment this post and let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

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