Thursday, June 7, 2012

Insanity; Month 1 is Complete!

Hello, lovely readers! It's Friday, which means another week of Insanity is behind me. Today I hit a milestone; I've completed month 1! I stuck it out and I'm moving onto Recovery Week, and then into the notorious month 2. From what I've been reading, month 2 is where everyone really starts shredding and losing weight, and also where you see the most results. So, of course, I am uber excited.

My husband is also itching to get to month 2. I have to tell you, after several months of working out with my husband, I've come to love it. We push each other, encourage each other, and we have a lot of fun doing it together. I used to hate working out when he was home, especially in the beginning. I was so embarrassed. Here is my husband, this badass Marine in fantastic shape, watching my 200lb self trying to get through a push-up or simple round of jumping jacks. I was so embarrassed! Now though, we can do the same workouts, and I've come to love our workouts together. He pushes me, I push him, and we are more on the same fitness level (to a point). He's still better than me, of course, but we can at least do the same program now! We were doing Crossfit together (Bob Harper's Crossfit) before we started Insanity. We plan on going back to that after Insanity. Today though, I didn't get to workout with him. I'm sure I will this weekend though.

This week I've been outside as much as possible with my kids. My BodyMedia band really helps me to be more active and mindful of how much activity I'm doing everyday. I love incorporating my kids into my activity every day. We've been playing at the park, playing in the water, swimming in the kiddie pools, and kicking the ball around out back. As I type this, the pool is being filled again since the sun is out again today. I've been working with my oldest on his site words to help prepare him for Kindergarten too, and that is going better than expected! His word bank is growing quickly. It's very humid out, so I've had to create indoor activities for the boys too, since we can't spend ALL day outside. We've all gotten some sun this week :)

I've also been jogging/walking at night after my boys are in bed. Trying to meet my daily step/activity goals on my BodyMedia band. I love getting check marks on all of my daily goals. It's hard to get them all checked, especially my food intake, but I try everyday. Playing with the kids and walking at night really helps that! I end up jogging and running usually, but I just can't help myself. I love to run! I plan on running next week a lot when I'm in Recovery Week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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